The show must go on!

Ticketing that is adapted to the new normal with SMART social distancing and touchless ticketing options on mobile-first technology, for a safer experience.

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Automated Social Distancing Seat Maps

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Virtual Online Event Hosting Capabilities with Zoom

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Efficient Ticket Holder Information Collection

3 tiers designed to suit your specific needs. Choose 1 that is right for you!

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Whether you’re a small business, local band or event promoter, everything you need to create one-off events & activities with ease.

Main Features

  • Build events & activities quickly with the help of our friendly wizard set up.
  • Up-sell food, drinks or merchandise with an event or independently.
  • Host online events through TicketSearch’s full API Integration with Zoom.
  • Ticket holder information collection useful for contact tracing.
  • Customise the look and feel of your online sales portal to match your brand. It’s built for mobile.
  • Ticket sales deposited daily into your bank account.
  • Scan tickets anywhere with our free mobile app.
  • Packed with social media tools incl. Facebook Login–like and share your events.
  • Generate your sales and marketing reports in real-time.
  • Plus more.

Introductory Offer (valid till 30 Sep 2024)


Fee per ticket sold*

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A complete online and box office ticketing system suitable for small theatres, schools or pubs & clubs with regular ticketing needs.

All the features of Basic plus:

  • Sell Gift Vouchers and create fundraising campaigns for your org.
  • Set ticket delivery options including SMS, e-ticket or Apple Wallet.
  • Keep your customers safe with smart Social Distancing Seat Maps
  • Incl. Apple Pay, Google Pay & PayPal
  • Build venues and seat maps instantly- reconfigure anytime.
  • Say goodbye to single seats.
  • Offer promo codes for discounted ticketing.
  • Market your events using Mailchimp, Google AdWords, Facebook Pixel tracking, Google Analytics and more.
  • Sell online or at the box office incl. Fast Sales on the night.
  • Experience with Seat View.

Introductory Offer (valid till 30 Sep 2024)


Fee per ticket sold*

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For larger organisations, venues or promoters who want to take control with an advanced, fully customizable data first ticketing platform.

Basic and Standard plus:

  • Access 35+ easy to read dashboard reports – Powered by Tableau.
  • Schedule reports with real-time alerts
  • Integrate your existing business systems with our API integration.
  • Know your customers using our custom built CRM.
  • Build Season Subscriptions, packages and Membership programs.
  • Reward your customers with Deals & Discounts
  • Add multiple users and set specific system privileges.
  • Plus more superior features to unlock your inner control freak.

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Ticketsearch logomarkbasic

0.15 per ticket sold

Whether you’re a small business, local band or event promoter, everything you need to create one-off events & activities with ease.
Ticketsearch logomarkstandard

0.20 per ticket sold

A complete online and box office ticketing system suitable for small theatres, schools or pubs & clubs with regular ticketing needs.

Ticketsearch logomarkenterprise
by contract

For larger organisations, venues or promoters who want to take control with an advanced, fully customizable data first ticketing platform.

Your Platform, Your Brand

Personalise your online sales portal like never before. Give your customers an integrated and seamless experience that suits your brand

Use your own fonts, colours and images
Change copy in text fields
Adjust layouts
Customise your jargon
Customise your Apple Wallet and Google Wallet design
Customise all the communication including emails/letters/SMS- confirmation email
Birthday email, membership, donation, pre and post email reminders and more.
Complete control of the design or your tickets
Create custom sales channels and delivery methods
Customised messages (sold out, off sale, allocation exhausted

A speedy set-up and sales process

Build events and activities quickly with our easy to use set-up wizard, setting your staff up for a no-training required sales process

Schedule events and activities as well as pricing templates to automatically save and archive after x number of days
Build fee templates in advance to save time
No costs for free events

Control your Venue Creation

Build your venue and seat maps in real time with the flexibility to reconfigure anytime (even at the session date/time level). Add, delete or simply amend

Customise your Best available path so that seating path follows what you consider is the best pattern
Block customers from leaving single seats
Add seat descriptions i.e. restricted view
Experience with seat view to the stage
Automatic Social Distancing Seat Maps

Packed with Marketing Features

Activate Facebook & Google login for ease
Custom CRM allowing to you create tasks, add documents. You can even define your tasks and accepted results, document formats accepted and more.
Integration with Google Analytics (GA4) allowing you to measure traffic and engagement across your website
Access to Google Analytics
Integration with Facebook & Google AdWords Pixel Tracking- set these preferences at organisation and/or event level
Generate or import one off promo codes
UTM Sales Force Integration
Create Meta Tags to ensure customers find your events and products with ease
Create unique tracking links
Create and assign Categories & interests
Integrated with your marketing tools eg. Mailchimp and more
Create multiple marketing opt-ins at an organisation or event/activity level. Set your opt-ins for specific third parties such as promoters
Segment your data with marketing tags
Collect one or more marketing codes- how did you hear about the event/activity?
Social Media Integration - select your preferred social media share, like and select your social media look and feel. You can even adjust these options on an event/activity level
Automated abandoned cart emails are sent to prompt purchase Create promo codes against a ticket type or against the shopping cart total Define customer relationships to other customers within database

Increase Sales and offer a Smooth Customer Experience

Clever tools to maximise revenue

Activate Facebook & Google login for ease
Pay what you feel integration allowing the customer to pay before or after the event
Use fast sales to speed up ticket sales on the day (if preferred, collect email or mobile to send ticket delivery without adding customer info)
Allow customers to be added to Waitlists for sold out events/activities. Waitlist can be set at the event level or for specific performances
Terminal point integration using stripe for fast walk up sales
Add merchandise and up-sell with your control
Add upsells (food/drinks/merch) and cross-sells (to related events, memberships, subscriptions)
Sell Merchandise and restrict specific merch to members, tagged customers (VIP's, staff etc) and enforce a promo code to access
Dynamic pricing
Reward customers with deals and discounts
Allow reservations pay later- customers can log into their account and pay online
Allow partial payments of reservations pay later
Set an auto release date of the reservation Products.
Create thresholds for selling- i.e. selling fast 80%, almost sold 95%

Scanning at the tip of your fingers

Scan tickets with your Apple or Android mobile phone
Desktop/laptop scanning available
Check attendance stats on the dashboard via our scanning app
Manual check-in using the same device
Import Barcodes from another system to allow scanning

Connect Your Business

Your data made visual and usable

Allow customers to pay with Apple Pay
Access to API for seamless integration
Connected with Artifax- Venue Management System
Enable insurance during the sales flow to reduce the number of refunds
Host online events through TicketSearch's full API Integration with Zoom
Google Address Verification
Pay by PayPal
Integration with a number of gateways including Securepay, Stripe, Cybersource, and Ipay88

Know Your Customers

A custom built CRM system giving you end to end database management

Access to customer dashboard stats, total spend, last purchase, average days to purchase, total spend YTD, amount donated, donor level, ranking and more
Allow transferring of tickets/items to another customer online through customer account
Customisable communications: surveys, email templates and questionnaires
Create CRM activities
Create as many custom data fields as you like for collection from your customers i.e. dietary requirements, age ranges, Make fields mandatory, optional, hidden
Define customer relationships to other customers within database
Activate the duplicate record identifier during the customer add process
Automatically archive customers who haven't logged into their accounts and/or purchased tickets within x days
Collect multiple ticket holders information

Reports and your finance needs at the tip of your fingers

Up to 28 standard reports available (depending on your plan)
Reports can be generated on screen, sent by our email now option or scheduled i.e., hourly, daily, specific days, weekly, monthly and yearly
Save time by saving your report filters
Integration with Tableau Reporting
Customised reporting
Report formats available are PDF,EXCEL,WORD,HTML,POWERPOINT,CSV,XML
Add GL account codes
Create Reporting codes and Grouping
Customise specific Taxes and charges, add or include in price and adjust at the event/activity level
Set your bank reconciliation time to match your reports to your financial data Real time alerts set by you
Refunds and exchange fees processed through the system
Add Payment fees as a percentage or $ value i.e. Amex surcharge, Walk up surcharge
Create your own payment fees and activate online


Sell vouchers and allow gifting of vouchers to a friend with a customised message. Schedule voucher to be sent on a specific date/time (i.e. birthday).
A dedicated memberships module with automated renewal
Allow members to login and access specific pricing, ticket types and more
Print or email membership cards/tickets and send new members welcome letters or by email
Easy to build subscriptions and packages- advanced features allowing mandatory items to be added
Bulk update individual customer membership and gift voucher validity or update all orders. For example, during covid, vouchers were needed to be extended to cover the non-use period,


Add donations Activate fundraising donations on their own or as part of an event/activity- including minimum amounts and suggested values
Set specific donation campaigns against an event/activity.
Coming soon *** setup recurring donations

Security & Users

Setup multiple user, roles, privileges. Every function in TS is a privilege
Fast user setup by applying global user policies
Setup external users with restricted access to reports

Extra Features

Other features that make TicketSearch even more customizable to your needs

Send etickets, mobile tickets, email confirmation only, box office collection, mail and more
Ticket Suppression- send eticket and sms tickets at x hours before the event/activity. Stop scalping
Order confirmation redirect i.e. to your Facebook page or back to main event/activity listing page. You pick
Control your shopping cart timers
Print Via a BOCA ticket Printer
Batch/Bulk print tickets
Add Documents, questionnaires, etickets, documents and upsells to specific ticket types i.e. a member will receive discounted upsells
Import database from another system
Tailor your Terms and Conditions for specific Events/Activities
Coming soon** Bulk refunds/Bulk exchanges